• Assessment
    Using several different assessment instruments, we are able to identify and tailor the intervention to the needs of the group or individual. Data collection and assessment instruments include:
    • Management interviews
    • Employee interaction surveys
    • Observation
    • Conflict Inventory
    • FIRO-B
    • DiSC feedback questionnaire


  • Training Workshops
    Workshops are designed to be ¸ day or one-day engagements held either on-site or off-site. Each program is customized to fit the size of the group and the objectives set out by the customer. Consider including a workshop as part of a management retreat program. Workshops include:
    • Collaborative Team SkillsA program to build communication and ‘differences management’ strategies through a process called mapping the issues.
    • Listening Skills for ManagersMajor themes include the basics of effective listening, how to manage better through listening, and getting others to listen.
    • Peopleskills for High PerformanceProblem-solving skills, brainstorming and communication models for teams are taught and practiced in class.
    • Stress Management Success SkillsOffice-appropriate stress reduction techniques and how stress helps and hurts are important elements of this program.


  • Group Facilitation
    Expert facilitation skills involving constructive feedback discussions, problem-solving strategies and creative brainstorming.
    • 360 degree / multi-rater feedback
    • Upward feedback
    • Mapping the issues


  • Coaching
    One-to-one meetings for improvement of interaction performance. Engagements may last from one to six months and offer flexibility in scheduling.
    • Attending and listening skills
    • Anger management
    • Assertiveness and leadership skills
    • Conflict negotiation skills





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